Snow: Did they really say 34-inches?

20130207-083943.jpgIf you have to or decide to venture to the grocery store today, make sure you’re prepared with some essentials:

1. A positive ATTITUDE
2. Patience
3. The knowledge that Mother Nature is in control.
4. We’d all rather be in the US Virgin Islands.

Ok that last point is self-serving and where I’d prefer to be this weekend.

What we do know is that the weather folks don’t know exactly how much snow we’ll get, but they do have the technology to predict that this storm will hit us with a lot of snow!

So, what do you do to prepare for such a storm?

About Dee Wells

Dee Wells maintains the blog Worcester Is MAJOR! and writes about various topics that have an affect on people living and working in Worcester, MA. Dee is a Co-Founder of Future Focus Media Co-op and the Central Mass Film Festival (CMF2), as well as serves as the Founder of OSD-Obsessive Sneaker Disorder which works with clients in the athletic footwear field.
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