[MAJOR Equality] Stacey Top Free

20130804-195935.jpgWhile driving on Main Street a few minutes ago, in the Webster Square area, I stumbled upon Stacey from Topless Equality for Women walking down the road.

I was able to speak to Stacey for a brief moment, but I quickly learned that she is promoting topless equality for women and she’s walking topless throughout the city of Worcester, minus the pasties on her breast, to drive home the point that a woman, just like a man, can go topless.

You can learn more about Stacey’s campaign by visiting www.ToplessEquality.com/MA and follow Stacey on Twitter @StaceyTopFree.20130804-195924.jpg20130804-195945.jpg20130804-195909.jpg

About Dee Wells

Dee Wells maintains the blog Worcester Is MAJOR! and writes about various topics that have an affect on people living and working in Worcester, MA. Dee is a Co-Founder of Future Focus Media Co-op and the Central Mass Film Festival (CMF2), as well as serves as the Founder of OSD-Obsessive Sneaker Disorder which works with clients in the athletic footwear field.
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