[MAJOR State] Call for Increased Wages

20130807-153110.jpgThere are MAJOR debates taking place in the Commonwealth about wages and the state of the economy, in general.

The debate regarding wages has been an on going one that many in Washington, D.C. feel would further cripple the United States.

I, on the other hand, know that with the minimum wage currently at $8.00 dollars per hour, it’s extremely hard for a person to live much less take care of a child or family.

There are a number of groups that are pushing for the minimum wage to be increased to $11 dollars per hour and tie it directly to inflation.
We all know that the cost of necessities such as bread, milk, vegetables, meat and eggs increase all the time, but wages rarely increase, if at all.

I have some friends that work for some multi-million dollar companies and they, too, were not given a pay increase, but, instead, were given additional vacation days in place of a wage or salary increase.

This led me to think: If given the choice between a pay increase or 2 additional vacation days, which would you choose?

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In the meantime, remember we are MAJOR!20130807-153126.jpg