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  1. Hi,

    I see that you are a fan of Gary Rosen’s, as am I. He is thoughtful and a thoroughly ‘stand-up’ guy. He has spoken up repeatedly against the MAJOR stealth AMI ‘smart’ meter pilot experiment happening this moment in Worcester. National Grid and the DPU tout ‘education’ but in a survey we discovered that very few people know they ‘opted in’ to having a ‘smart’ meter and almost none know they ‘opted in’ to the experiment. (If the tiny letters A-M-I, for Advanced Metering Initiative are on your electric meter after “FCC ID” you are one of the 9,000 or so, so far who ‘opted in:’ 15,000 meters are planned. SURPRISE!)

    Check out Gary’s show
    People have no idea they are guinea pigs in a $7.6 Billion experiment.

    Doing nothing is doing something.


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