“Empowering the Youth of Worcester” by Mass Realty

Soccer PlayersI wear many hats at all times and I love when the future leaders, of the free world, learn that while they’re made to be great, one of the things that I always emphasize is the realization that “you’re of the world, but the world doesn’t revolve around you”.

Mass Realty recently featured the Boys & Girls Club and Worcester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) in their article about empowering youth in Worcester.

Read the full article about, Empowering The Youth of Worcester on Mass Realty, one of the top sites for Real Estate in Massachusetts, including Worcester, MA Real Estate.


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Keep Calm Worcester

Photograph of Turtle Boy Keep Calm Spring Is Coming.Photograph of Turtle Boy Keep Calm Spring Is Coming.Keep calm Worcester because despite winter storm Neptune dropping more snow in Massachusetts, we have to remain positive and focus on the future!

There are 33 days until spring!  Yes, you read that correctly.

That equates to 1 month and 5 days until it’s officially spring and then folks in Worcester can begin to complain about the warmer weather, the melting snow and their Uggs boots getting wet.

“I’m so done with this winter.” ~Unknown source.

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Sunrise: A New Woo Day

WorcesterIsMAjor-DeeWells-58-2Amidst all of the snow that Worcester has been hit with, I realize that I have to look at the positives and focus more on the blessings such as the mere fact that I was able to wake up and see my loved ones!

As I made my way from the West side of the City to the Vernon Hill area this morning, I saw a beautiful sunrise!

Photograph by Dee Wells of sunrise in Worcester, MA on 2/13/2015. WorcesterIsMAjor-DeeWells-45 WorcesterIsMAjor-DeeWells-46 WorcesterIsMAjor-DeeWells-50 WorcesterIsMAjor-DeeWells-53 WorcesterIsMAjor-DeeWells-58 WorcesterIsMAjor-DeeWells-59

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Since Worcester is #1 in Snow…

Here are the coordinates to find the City in the event that you’re not able to find your way!

Top Ten Snowiest Cities:

1. Worcester, MA – 90.1 Inches

2. Erie, PA – 85.2 Inches

3. Buffalo, NY – 85 Inches

4. Boston, MA – 73.9 Inches

5. Syracuse, NY – 73.3 Inches

6. Rochester, NY – 66.5 Inches

7. Grand Rapids, MI – 65.7 Inches

8. South Bend, IN – 60.4 Inches

9. Cleveland, OH – 48.3 Inches

10. Billings, MT – 42 Inches

List provided by GoLocalWorcester.

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[Video] Bob Marley Birthday Celebration at Worcester Public Library

Photograph of Bob Marley 70th Birthday Celebration at Worcester Public Library on 2/7/2015.The Bob Marley Birthday Bash presented by OurStory Edutainment is an annual party to celebrate the life and music of Robert Nesta Marley, affectionately known as Bob Marley (Feb. 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981)

The celebration took place at the Worcester Public Library on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015.

YouTube Preview Image

About Future Focus Media Co-op & Youth Training Institute:

Future Focus Media Co-op and Youth Training Institute is a collaboration that produces high quality video, photography and audio,while training youth in television and film production. We build youth’s job skills and teach them how to create and tell powerful stories using various mediums and outlets.

Located in the heart of Worcester at 4 King Street, we encourage you to visit Stone Soup Community Center, and consider hiring Future Focus Media to produce our youth media specialist.

For more information, please visit www.FutureFocusMedia.org and follow on Twitter & Instagram @FFMCoop

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