New Massachusetts Law: Wipers on…Headlights on effective 4/7

Photograph of sunrise in Worcester, MA taken by Dee Wells.Important news for Massachusetts drivers – A new law goes into effect on April 7th 
regarding the required use of headlights. 

This is a surchargeable violation, so your insurance can go up if you do not comply! Here’s what you need to know about this new law.
What the New Massachusetts Headlight Law Requires

According to this new Massachusetts driving law, you must have your headlights on when driving conditions require the use of your windshield wipers. So, if you need your wipers (i.e. on a sunny but rainy day), your headlights must be on too. A police officer can pull you over for failing to comply.

Penalties for Failing to Comply

You can receive a ticket for failing to comply with this new Massachusetts headlight law. The ticket amount itself will be nominal. The more significant factor is that it is considered a minor surchargeable traffic violation. Surcharges result in increased insurance premiums at your next renewal. 
So, failing to obey this new law can cost you significant money in increased insurance rates, which no one is ever happy about. To save you the headache and additional expense, make it a habit to turn on your headlights whenever you turn on your windshield wipers

The Language of the Law

“Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same as follows:
Section 15 of chapter 85 of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2012 Official Edition, is hereby amended by striking out the first sentence and inserting in place thereof the following sentence:— A vehicle, whether stationary or in motion, on a public way, shall have attached to it headlights and taillights which shall be turned on by the vehicle operator and so displayed as to be visible from the front and rear during the period of 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise; provided, however, that such headlights and taillights shall be turned on by the vehicle operator at all other times when, due to insufficient light or unfavorable atmospheric conditions, visibility is reduced such that persons or vehicles on the roadway are not clearly discernible at a distance of 500 feet or when the vehicle’s windshield wipers are needed; provided further, that this section shall not apply to a vehicle which is designed to be propelled by hand; and provided further, that a vehicle carrying hay or straw for the purpose of transporting persons on a hayride shall display only electrically operated lights which shall be 2 flashing amber lights to the front and 2 flashing red lights to the rear, each of which shall be at least 6 inches in diameter and mounted 6 feet from the ground.”

Photograph of sunset in Worcester, MA taken by Dee Wells.

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Worcester Tweet Up: 4/11 @ 10 a.m. @ Birchtree Bread Company

It’s been a while since we’ve had a #WorcesterTweetUp and there’s a lot going on in the Woo that a number of people decided that we needed to get together, you know, IRL (read: In Real Life) .

Please join us on Saturday, April 11th at 10 a.m. at Birchtree Bread Company -138 Green St. – to catch up, share stories and plan how we’re going to make Worcester even better!

Please share the info, bring a few friends along and let’s have some FUN!!

Photograph of the Birchtree Bread Company logo     

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“Common Ground” Music Video

YouTube Preview Image

4 Elements is a youth program that uses hip-hop as a vehicle to achieve greater self-confidence, leadership development, and community empowerment.

To learn more about 4 Elements please visit

Support from Worcester Common Ground CDC, allowed 4 Elements to produce the track “Common Ground”.

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Governor Baker to eliminate the film tax credit?

UnsungHeroes-DeeWells-FFM-6401 Governor Charlie Baker recently stated that he’s looking into eliminating the film tax credit so that those dollars could be given to the working poor.

Well, Governor Baker, I encourage you to do a little bit more research about the film tax credit and while you may assume that the Commonwealth is giving away money that can go towards the working poor, I can point to more than a handful of wasteful entities that Massachusetts needs to say “Bye Felicia” to and the film tax credit in NOT one of them.

“I think it’s an important opportunity for us to both do something real and also send a signal that we believe in supporting people who are working real hard to get ahead,” the governor said in an interview Monday. “This is one way, in addition to increasing the minimum wage and some others, to provide them with more bang for their buck.” ~Governor Baker quoted in The Boston Globe

UnsungHeroes-DeeWells-FFM-6479No, I’m not naive and ambivalent to the facts that there are a number of low-income working families in the state that  struggle with the $937 Earned Income Tax Credit, which is the current rate for a family with 3 or more children, but if the Governor does do away with the film tax credit taking the “Robin Hood” approach, it will make things worse in the state and not better.

From my experience, film and TV productions come to MA and spend millions of dollars to create thousands of jobs BECAUSE of the film and tax incentive.  Even the State Department of Revenue said that 96% of the production spending was NEW and a direct result of the film and TV tax credit!

Robin Dawson, executive director of the Boston Film Festival, wrote in a Nov. 16 Globe op-ed column that tax breaks and incentives, like the ones given in New York and California, can become the deciding factor in a film studio’s choice of location.

“It may also be time to boost Massachusetts’ film tax credit,” she wrote. “The current tax incentive is directly linked to securing continual film and television production and is a requirement in order to keep the industry one that is lucrative for all involved.” ~The Boston Globe

Governor Baker, it’s time to do some more research and rethink doing away with the film tax credit.  UnsungHeroes-DeeWells-FFM-6486

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“Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

Photograph of Air Jordan sneakers for the "Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Cullture" exhibit taking place at the Brooklyn Museum from July 10th through October 12th 2015. Taking place this summer at the Brooklyn Museum you’ll see some an amazing collection of classic sneakers on display as part of the “Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture” exhibit that I’m proud to say that I’ve had a hand, or should I say a foot, in co-curating.

Photograph of Dee Wells wearing Nike Dunkesto sneakers while coaching his WYSL girls' team.Also, there’s an accompanying book that features 2 prominent interviews that I had the pleasure of conducting with Tinker Hatfield (Designer of the Air Jordan 3 through 15, along with the final numbered Air Jordan, the XXIII, the 2010 (XXV)) and Eric Avar (Designer of the Air Foamposite and Kobe Bryant’s Nike sneakers).

The exhibit will be on display at the Brooklyn Museum from July 10th through October 15th.

Photograph of Wu-Tang figure sneakers and a Tiffany & Co. box.


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