[MAJOR Equality] Stacey Top Free

While driving on Main Street a few minutes ago, in the Webster Square area, I stumbled upon Stacey from Topless Equality for Women walking down the road. I was able to speak to Stacey for a brief moment, but I quickly learned that she is promoting topless equality for women and she’s walking topless throughout […]

Seen & Heard: Boston Edition

I was going through some pictures that I took while touring Boston on the Boston Duck Tours, and I decided that I’d share some on “Seen & Heard”.     Lastly, when we say a picture is worth a thousand words, well this is the reason why we use such as phrase!

We’ve Got The Power: Community Organizing Training Series

I’ll be the first to say that I know very little about ‘community organizing’, but there is always time to learn something new and expand the mind. (Hey, I won’t learn what I don’t unless I extend myself, and try to learn something.) Maybe you, too, have an interest in community organizing or know someone […]

2011 Wrap Up (Rap Up: Skillz)

Skillz 2011 Rap Up

I’m glad to look at 2011 in the rearview mirror! Β  It’s been a rough year, and my patience and faith have been tested, but I have taken all the Β  trials and tests to God, and he has made sure that I’m protected and loved! Β Thank you! While I’ve had a lot of things […]